About to leave

I’m just days away from hitting the road.

It’s taken a lot of work and planning and there is still more to be done! But I am so excited. This will be an amazing adventure and an important project — documenting the state of patriotism around the U.S. and taking a snapshot look at certain subcultures: newspapers, churches and Indian reservations. It will also be a chance for you to see how I do living frugally in my small, mobile home. I’ll include some juicy tidbits in the “diary” category.

Please message me with suggestions of places to park or visit, as well as topics to photograph and write about!


Rocinante, my RV

I finally found the perfect rig. Her name is Rocinante. It's a tongue-in-cheek reference that reflects our humble beginnings, yet bold aspirations, and pays tribute to a fellow writer with a similar idea. Google it :)


And inside Rocinante, my dog and traveling companion for the duration of this adventure, Armani!


Live at The Corridor

Friday night I saw a show at an all-ages spot called The Corridor.
It keeps a low profile, tucked behind a Napa Auto Parts store, right off the 'Pac Highway' strip, just south of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

If you want to know the mission of the club, check out the mural on its wall:


(Hint: It's a modernized snapshot taken from Michaelangelo's Sistine Chapel ceiling.)

Innovation is on display here from decor to stage lighting to the alcohol-free drink menu.
It's a place where artistic energy is being expelled in a positive direction – but not just toward safe, "feel good" terrain.
The musicians owner Matt Campbell brings in are unafraid to leave behind the status quo and mingle with the masses in their pursuit of spreading truth.

Here's Campbell standing behind Ben Union, whose band played a funky, eclectic set on Friday that mixed reggae beats and acoustic poetry with hard-rock jam sessions. 


Members of the Ben Union Band are young, but don't let that fool you.
Union's a missionary's kid with a welcome dose of talent and charisma.
His drummer and bassist were chill enough to let Union command center stage, while showing their own musical chops.


The Corridor, in business since 2004, puts on rock shows, hip hop and open mic nights, dinner-and-comedy events and community benefits.

Wenatchee, Wash.

A place of picket fences and shadows


where color can be found…


In old alley ways

and words on doors.


Sun and shadows…


Time etches its story without words


but it cannot etch the sky.


There will always be a place for you here.


And if you peer into doorways that are hidden from every day



remembering what was larger than life, yesterday


the color of a former world


whose beautiful eyes can no longer see,


you will find me.

I’ll be playing with color, dancing in shadows


trying to count all the things we’ve moved


and the distance we rode


together or alone…


And I’ll be thinking of you while I walk my line through time.