By now, you may be wondering what happened to that crazy girl, her dog and their RV.

After 39 states, hundreds of interesting characters and thousands of┬ácities and towns, I’d like to tell you we rode off happily into the sunset… which wouldn’t be too far from the truth.

I made it back to Washington at the end of December in time to surprise my mom on Christmas morning.

I have since moved to a small city in an area of the country that I love.

Please visit my archives to get the full story behind this blog.

One thought on “(Intermission)

  1. Hi sharon,

    Not sure if your still around to get this but i loved the site. Ive always dreamed of doing a Steinbeck type trip and seeing your amazing pics and reading your words has me dreaming again. Love your dog too, weirdly i have exactly the same dog called brandy and i mean identical, i had to look twice, i thought you had a pic of my dog. Im in ireland so the chances of me getting to US to do such a trip is slim but its kinda uplifting to know others have. Il have to be content with re reading travels with charlie and into the wild. I hope this short email finds you well.


    Steven braiden

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