Good bye Nashville, for now

Nashville has a beautiful skyline. I love how this cross section shows the old and new building styles.

Old and new

There was an Old Crow Medicine Show concert in an outdoor amphitheater down by the river the night I walked around downtown.

Nashville music1

Actually, the city of Nashville constantly emits musical notes! Here is the same shot, with some blur.

Nashville music 2

And while I'm getting artistic, an iris…

Iris of nashville

which was created when I swirled the energy around Joseph and Charlie  — two local musicians you met earlier.

Iris explained

Beth Walker, another musical fashionista from earlier, made a second appearance in my evening at a local dive bar. She was there, and then she was gone.


And there were plenty of interesting people to watch, including Lemyng, 21, a student and bar back at popular local coffee shop and music venue Cafe Coco.


At a different restaurant I tried some brewed-in-Nashville beer that was excellent! Full-bodied, sweet and not at all bitter.


Nashville (or NashVegas as the locals call it!) was a style oasis for me on my journey through America's back highways.


And there is lots of bold imagery.


Joes1 (2) 
A traditional Nashville night-out experience:

Country band

A bridge over the river


A lifesize replica of the Parthenon, built for the Tennessee Centennial Exposition in 1897


And a couple more 'back alley' images…

Street Stairs

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

With an estimated population of just over 40,000 residents (up from 17,000 in 1973), Coeur d'Alene has a disproportionately busy downtown.
Its entire strip of shops and bistros is easily walkable, with free parking for up to two hours.

Hagadone Corp.'s resort towers over the long, jagged lake, attracting national and international tourists.


The resort's setting in conservative, rugged Idaho helps prevent things from feeling too commercialized.

On the northeast edge of the lake, next to the resort, the city boasts the longest boardwalk in the nation — a pleasant promenade that takes you over a small twisting stairwell and bridge and past a marina of colorful, well-kept boats.

I may post pics of the lake later, though that would be soo predictable.

'Till then, enjoy some shots of art, cars and buildings found downtown, along with a "who's that girl?" shot just for fun.