A Floridian pit bull owner

I met Jim Martens, 75, at a gas station
near Santa Rosa Beach, Fla. 

He saw my dog IMG_4977 and my license plates and
we realized we had some stuff in common.

Martens, a former U.S. Marine, Army and
police officer used to live in Spokane, Wash.

He recently adopted a pit bull puppy.

Originally from Indiana, he's lived in
several places, but is happy to retire near the panhandle coast of the sunshine

He says the occupations he's had have
made him see America differently.

His services were paid for by
taxpayers, but often benefited those on the sidelines.

β€œIn a way, I wish in my day, I'd have
seen a lot more of the country,” says Martens.
Then adds: β€œI've
got a good life, a good wife and good kids.”

And, I hope, a good new addition to the
All the best with your puppy, Jim!


Martens pointed me in the direction of
this beach, which was a definite find, because parking was scarce
everywhere else I looked….